Mrs. Anděla

Out of options

Mrs. Anděla found herself on the street after her partner abused her. She lived with her family for a while, but that did not last long. She did not have money to pay for a place of her own. The only things she had were donated items, so she found a place to live in an abandoned forest. As Anděla did not have a calendar or a clock, she missed an appointment with the Labor Office, so she was taken off the housing list. Her chances of getting a home had gone to zero. Anděla tried to find a job, but because of her age she was passed over by potential employers. Winter was approaching, and outreach workers at the local Salvation Army searched for a way to help her. Although they could not find her a place to stay inside, they could provide her with an Iglou as a “temporary shelter” that kept her warm during the winter. In March, they registered her again at the employment office and applied for benefits. They continue to search for adequate housing for her.