Q: How can I get an iglou?

A: We sell Iglou only to charities and city councils which then borrow it for the winter period to the homeless people who won’t sleep at night shelters for different reasons. If you are working for one of those organizations, please contact us at info@iglou.cz . If you are not part of one of those organizations, do not hesitate to give a word about Iglou to the charities around you 🙂

Q: I am a good-willed idividual, can I order an iglou to give to a person I know?

A: For the best practices in identification, distribution and follow-up, we can only provide iglous to registered NPO or city councils.

Q: What’s the cost of an iglou?

A: Iglou exists in 2 different models:

– Iglou for 1 person (2m x 1m) at USD140 or GBP105 

– Iglou for 2 persons (2m x 1,2m) at USD160 or GBP 120

The transport costs depend on the quantity ordered and on the delivery address.

Q: I do not live in Europe, Canada or the USA, but I want to help bring the iglous to my country!

A: We sell directly the Iglou in Europe, Canada and the USA. In other countries, we are looking for people who could carry the Iglou project locally. We will give the plans and methods for free to individuals we think are competent to carry the project in their countries. Simply send us a CV/resume here: info@iglou.cz