Question: How can I get some Iglou?

Answer: We only sell Iglou to charities and municipalities that lend them to homeless people who, for various reasons, do not visit night shelters or other centres during the winter season. If you work for one of these organisations, please contact us at info@iglou.cz

If you are not part of any of these organisations, please do not hesitate to speak to the charities around you about Iglou 🙂

Question: I am an individual with good will, can I order an Iglou to give to a person I know?

Answer: We sell Iglou only to charities or city councils because what is important for us is that the charity / city ensures the following:

– to know individually the homeless persons to whom the Iglou is provided

– to choose the place where the Iglou is placed with the homeless person, in secluded areas (no city center)

– get an approval (or at least a tolerance) from the local authorities (city police, city council, …)

– regularly visit the persons and their Iglou and bring to them more than only the Iglou (discussion, social relationship, administrative support soup, clothes, … not all of that, but at least something)

– collect the Iglou at the end of the winter (it does not like the sun’s UV rays) , wash it, disinfect it, fold it and store it in a dark place until next winter

Question: what are the costs for Iglou?

Answer: Iglou exists in 2 models:
– Iglou for 1 person (2m x 1m)
– Iglou for 2 persons (2m x 1,2m)

If you are a charity or a municipality, do not hesitate to contact us for the price of Iglou.

THe transport costs depend on the quantity of palets ordered and on the destination address.

Question: I don’t live in Europe, Canada or the USA, but I want to help bring the igloo to my country!

Answer: we sell Iglou directly in Europe, Canada and the USA. In other countries, we are looking for people who can bring the Iglou project locally. We will pass on the plans and methods free of charge to individuals we think are qualified to carry out the project in their countries. Simply send us your CV here: info@iglou.cz