The emergency shelter that saves lives!

Iglou is an emergency shelter for people experiencing homelessness who either cannot or will not sleep in night shelters. It prevents hypothermia, frostbite, and freezing to death.

Testimonials They speak better than us about it

Not a single drop of rain inside! On top of that, it's warm!


Inside an iglou in Bordeaux

Each one of us has their personal sleeping space. We're good!


Inside an iglou in a squat in Bordeaux

This Iglou is perfect, absolutely perfect! Sometimes I am too warm I have to sleep with my jacket off.


Inside an Iglou in Alfortville

It's much easier to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. This iglou is precious.

Océane & Benjamin

Inside an Iglou in Bois de Vincennes (Paris)

Stories How Iglou changed they lives

Mr. Libor

Trust gained, a life changed

Mr. Libor is a loner who has lived in the woods for 8 years and loves dogs. He does not stay in shelters because he does not like sleeping between people and because his dogs cannot stay with him. He


Mr. Vláďa

Warm in an Iglou after tragedy

Mr Vláďa used to live with his wife and one of his friends in a hut. At the end of 2018, he found that he had terminal cancer. On the top of that, at the beginning of 2019 doctors diagnosed


For Whom? Users, cities and charities


The Iglou is an emergency shelter for people living rough in cold weather who cannot or will not sleep in night shelters, whatever the reason.

Cities and Charities

We provide Iglous only to cities and charities with night shelters or with outreach workers who frequently visit people experiencing homelessness. These charities know the circumstances of people sleeping rough and can best decide who needs an Iglou.

They use Iglou all over the world

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Who we are Team Iglou

Pavla Klečková
Pavla Klečková
Project founder
Emmanuel Chilaud
Emmanuel Chilaud
Project founder
Geoffroy de Reynal
Geoffroy de Reynal
Project founder and Inventor